This self treatment is changing the way we can care for our bodies.

no rolling. no cursing. just mobility.

  • Move Better

    The focused compression of the Renewdles® help to hydrate + renew the elastic quality of your fascia. Discover new strength + space around the joints.

  • Train Harder

    Aid in recovery, reduce inflammation + help prevent injury.

  • Reduce Chronic Pain

    Relieve long held tension and discomfort. Undo years of restrictions around the joints. The Renewdles® apply the appropriate amount of sustained pressure to relieve tight muscles  + release fascial restrictions.


I have a foam roller, why do I need Renewdles?

Foam rollers are great to warm up your muscles before a workout, but to undo years of restrictions around the joints and release the deepest adhesions and fascia... you need the Renewdles.

Do I move on it?

Just relax, you will feel your body respond within 30 seconds as you melt away tension. Muscles release faster and more comfortably in a relaxed state. If you feel the need to move in certain positions, feel free. Just do what feels good.

How long should I lie on the Renewdles?

Your body will tell you, but we suggest 1-5 minutes per location. Find all the barriers and melt into them. Remember, you’ve put your body through years of hard workouts + repetitious postures like sitting. After the first week of putting in some time, you will undo years of tension, knots and unhealthy tissue. From then on, you will only be working out that week of workouts or repetitive movements, rather than years. 

Why two at a time?

The two different size Renewdles in combination create a greater release, especially when you are pulling + stretching the muscles in the side lying position or compressing your ankles and calves between them. You receive all three size Renewdles with your purchase.

Who should Renewdle?

Anyone who can receive a massage. Renewdling takes very little effort and is great for older individuals as well.

Please contact us if you have any further questions.